Saturday, October 23, 2010


The weekend came.  My boys went to the football game that was 3 hours away.  My girls and I decided to go out and eat.  We really have to find another past time.  We went to a new restaurant.  It was ok not worth the money we spent, though.  I ate half of my meal which was still too much.  Oh well!  Just another day.  Will do better.

Took the fam to a corn maze today.  Rained while we were there.  Would have been lots more fun if it wasn't raining.  Still had a great day with the family!  First time we have spent the whole day together in a long time.  Everyone is so busy and growing up.  It was a nice day.

Weekends are gonna be tough.  Our family is so busy.  Since Kevin pastors Saturday's are our busiest days.  We spend the day visiting people then getting ready for services on Sunday.  Hard to fit in healthy eating.  But I am determined to do so.  Especially after the way I feel right now. 

Had my staple for breakfast: 2 scrambled eggs 2 slices of whole wheat toast with a smear of sugar free grape jelly.  Lunch I wasn't so good:  Pizza Hut pizza.  Enough said!  Supper: 3 chicken tenderloins.  I feel yucky, bloated, and heavy.  I know that my body is trying like crazy to tell me that fried, processed, and simple carbs are not good for me!!!  Why can't I understand that?

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